I’ve Been Meaning to Write

by emmawriter

The book is done!


Meg’s (although did we ever really doubt her) was a genius with her idea, and I must admit I will be using it in the future. I woke up with a light feeling in my chest, and I knew it was done.


The sad thing, is there seems to be no real euphoria to it, I’m just…done. This is rather  disappointing to me considering the fact that I always thought it would be big and bold and exciting. It was just, there.

However, there is other excitement in the air. THE NEW STORY!

I lied yester day. I love beginnings, to an extent. I have to be passed those first five pages and then it comes brilliantly and I wonder what I was complaining about only seconds before. It helps that I’ve been thinking of this story for at least a month, I’ve been dreaming about what it will be like, how wonderful it will be. I’ve been dreaming about how funny and deep and real and romantic!

Romance, oh how I’ve missed you. You see, of all the things I didn’t like about my last story (and there weren’t many, because come on? Who doesn’t like their own story?) one of the biggest things I hated was that there was no romance. None. Zippo. Sure, there was a guy mooning over a girl and a different girl mooning over that guy, but nothing happened. No kissing. Not even petty words!

But it was the story, and so I stuck to it.

This one, however….

There is a lot to do in starting a story, however I am one of those people who makes it up as they go along. To me, planning it out would make me bored of the book, with this way it’s able to surprise me. However, I do have a basic outline in my head, and the book is divided into three parts, which are summarized in probably about two words, which is great. I know where they’re going, just not how I’m going to get there.

If you do it the other way, great for you. I’ve read a lot of authors blogs, and most of them say that they plan, chapter for chapter, or scene for scene. I don’t like this, because then I start dropping a crazy amount of foreshadow in your face. Like, spelled-out-for-you foreshadow, and I know as a reader you don’t like this. With the way I writer, there are only tiny, little things my subconscious doesn’t even seem to register.

For me, the book writes itself, the way it wants to go. However, towards the end, I get jumpy. Probably ten chapters away, my mind starts gearing towards the ending and what I need to do, and I do plan chapter for chapter.

I speak for all of this through one-time experience. Sure, I’ve written other things, but all of it has been short little twenty pages at most stories, not the real thing, and so I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it wasn’t a one-time trick and it will happen again.

I’ve started a lot of stories over the years (since 1st grade to be exact) and out of all of them, one really finished. There are probably 100 that I’ve dreamed up and put down on paper and 100 more that never got there.

But a story is a lot scenes stringed together and a scene is a lot of paragraphs stringed together and a paragraph is a lot of sentences stringed together and a sentence is a lot of words stringed together. You just take it one step at a time, bird by bird*.

*an Anne Lamott reference. Bird by Bird anyone?