Pretty Birds, the Moon, and Writing

by emmawriter

Pretty Birds!

Flying Birds! Am I the only one who loves this?

Scary Birds!

Cinderella Birds!

And now the moon:

Yes, sparkly moon.

Sorry for being absent for a week, I’ve caught the school bug. What is the school bug?, you ask. It’s the feeling that comes after school starts.

For some people, mostly adults, the school bug is a great thing, a time when all of the sudden, your writing more than usual, but for those in school it’s a time when you suddenly are depressed with your writing because despite the fact that it’s coming, it’s not coming as much as it came over the summer, when we could have twenty-page days.

One of the hardest things about writing is actually writing. As basic as it seems, the getting it down on the page, in real words, is the hardest part.

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but isn’t it odd how we don’t think in words, but a string of pictures and letter’s and just about everything else, and yet it still makes sense to us.

When we start writing–for me–there is just the basic idea, and it all comes together as I write. I couldn’t handle planning ahead because I would get bored with the writing. This way the story slowly reveals itself to me as if I too am reading it. Sure, this guarantees for times for when ideas don’t come and I’m stuck staring at a blank page, wishing it was yesterday, Sunday, when it all flowed so beautifully.

Ah, the weekend. Those days when, for me, it all comes out. As a young writer, I’m not doing it full-time, and writing is the ‘vacation’ I need on the weekends. People don’t understand how this is fun for me, but it’s relaxing, because I somehow I let out all my emotions in the words that have nothing to do with them.

Writing is a great thing to do, and lots of people do it. Why? Because it gives us an escape.

I think that in the same way some people run to let off steam, we write, people just don’t understand it as well, just as some people (ehm, me) can’t understand how running can mello you out. It’s hard, why would that help you?

But in the same way running is easy for some people, writing is easy for us.