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Finishing and 75 Miles



One thing you never think about when your writing the book is finishing. It seems as though it will be nice and final, like the end of the chapter.

It isn’t.

I’m so stuck right now. Remember in that last post (earlier today) when I said that I was two chapter’s away from the end? It may have been more like two pages.

What am I going to do? What am I supposed to do? No one ever said THIS would happen!

So, taking advice from the great Meg Cabot (there) I’m going to sleep on it, and in the mean time, I’m going to sleep on it, and in the mean time, start the next story.


The next story. Do you remember how hard it is to start a new story? Uggg…I’m dreading it already, not even past the first day. I’ve been dreaming about this story forever it seems like, but dreaming is easy. Now, I have to put it into words and down on the paper.

Isn’t it funny how we don’t think in words, despite how much we talk and write. It’s so funny the way our thoughts our stringed together in pictures and everything else, and yet it still all makes sense.

I have a lot on this story, a lot of little snippets on what it’s about, and I love the characters already.

There is a quote that said writers are people for whom writing is harder than the average person, and as I sit in front of the computer now, I realize that this is true. Some authors just have horrible middles, or horrible beginnings, or horrible ends, but I have horrible everythings. Sure, there are some of those AMAZING moments, Meg talks about in her post, some days when I get 20-30 pages, but most of them are hard-fought.

Sometimes, I like to think that all writers wonder why they write, because I do alot, and I think that the reason is because it’s hard for us, and so like any human being, we want to succeed in that one thing that’s been told to us that we can’t.


In other news, guess what ISN’T playing at my local theater, or for a 75-mile radius.




I am aghast. I was so excited. It looked beautiful and funny and deep and romantic all at the same time. What happened?


(The Perks Trailer)


Gosh. Guess I have to wait till it comes out on red box, hopefully they won’t betray me.


Writing and Mice Cuties

So, what do you do when your having a ‘rainy day’ in writing? Turn to blogging of course!

After reaching many mile-markers in writing a manuscript this past week (115,000 words, 500 pages), I’m finding writing terribly dull in the fact that I don’t have any excitement upcoming, in my face. Sure, there’s 100,000 words, but my mind isn’t allowing itself to register that I am THAT CLOSE,  and all of the sudden, my self-set due date as the end of September is looming closer than ever. I’ve never had a due date before and I’m beginning to worry that it will just be continuously pushed back until I’m back in June without anything finished.

But the thing is, I’m gonna do it. I’m on the second to last chapter, how hard can it be?

This will be the first time I will finish a story, and as impossible as it had seemed in the beginning, I’m going to write the words The End and nothing is going to stop me.

The fact that I am finishing doesn’t mean I know anything about writing though, it’s still just a scary thought that I’ll have to (gasp) edit, and I’m not exactly sure how I’ll go around it–or even that I’ll do it at this point, but I do know that at the dawn of 2013 there will be a nice, crisp stack of pages in a binder on my desk. A nice white binder, full of nice white pages.

I’m going to do it.

On another note, look at what Laini Taylor posted this week:

Isn’t he adorable! Though I would totally add a button to his belly.




Love love love, *sigh*. Aren’t they just the cutest! So in love with them, they make me wish I knew how to sew. Still, fun to look at, no?

Hello World!

Hello there! Welcome to my blog!


Isn’t it pretty?


I’m Emma, and I like to write, so I created a blog about writing in the real world, and being a teenager. Do you know how hard it is to write 5 pages a day when your math teacher send home 40-minute homework every night, besides other subjects?


But, anyway, how are you? Do you like to write too?


Welcome to my blog, I hope you like it.